The World of Ro & Mo

When the World lives as One : There will be Peace and Love

Through our own professional and personal experiences, we focus on writing about life, consciousness and awareness. After living in four different countries: Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Australia and the UK we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge from living and studying in all corners of the globe.

Originally born in Sri Lanka in 1956, Ro and Mo went on to be educated at:

  • St. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Sri Lanka
  • North Eastern College, Trinidad
  • Duff Miller London Tutors, London
  • Hounslow Borough College (Science & Biochemistry), London
  • Surrey University (Chemical Engineering), Surrey
  • Lister & Fairfield Schools of nursing (Psychiatric & General Nursing), Hertford & Bedford

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." J.C  


Since 2008 we’ve published two autobiographical books on love, life and God. 

And went on to create the ‘World of Ro and Mo’, a self-awareness and empowerment campaign based on the teachings of Christ.


Through blogs, social media, and our website we send a message that asks and answers questions about man’s doings. With increasing social, ecological and economic problems causing anxiety to many, we delve deeper into our true purpose.